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Favicon Easy Cheesy Eggplant Stacks – MySpecialF...

Perfectly grilled eggplant stacks are both visually appealing and a feast for the tastebuds! Layered with grilled eggplant, tomatoes, savory herbs and...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon Pasta Puttanesca –

This authentic Pasta Puttanesca recipe is so incredibly simple, yet so unbelievably good! Made with just 10 basic ingredients, including spaghetti, ol...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon One Pan Chocolate Cake – MySpecialFood.c...

One pan chocolate cake is a moist and fudgy cake that combines the convenience of a single pan with the indulgent flavors of rich chocolate. It’s ea...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Truffles – ...

Delectable and bite-sized, these homemade chocolate ice cream truffles, also known as ice cream bonbons, combine the creamy richness of ice cream with...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon Easy Chocolate Cookie Truffles – MySpeci...

Cookie truffles are a delightful sweet that are easy to make and perfect for any occasion. These bite-sized heavenly treats are made with just a few i...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon Italian Pan Fried Chicken – MySpecialFoo...

Italian Fried Chicken, pan fried in a little olive oil and a few Italian spices, makes this a quick and easy chicken dinner idea for any day of the we...   •   11 months ago
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Favicon Easy Blueberry Bars –

Easy Blueberry Bars are a moist delicious dessert. These cake bars are made with either fresh or frozen blueberries. A fast and easy recipe makes them...   •   12 months ago
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Favicon Italian Almond Cookies – MySpecialFood.c...

Italian almond cookies are a traditional sweet treat, made with a combination of sugar, flour, and ground almonds, and are often flavored with almond ...   •   12 months ago
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Favicon Easy Chocolate Glaze –

Chocolate glaze is a delicious way to add a little chocolate flavor. Its glossy finish adds an extra touch to many desserts. It is also easy to make a...   •   12 months ago
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Favicon Easy Ricotta Blueberry Strudel – MySpeci...

This Blueberry Strudel is a delicious and easy-to-make dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. This classic pastry is sure to be a hit with anyone ...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Italian Seafood Linguine – MySpecialFood...

Seafood linguine is a classic Italian pasta dish known for its delicious combination of fresh seafood and linguine noodles. The dish typically consist...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Strawberries and Cream Vertical Layer Cake &#8...

This Vertical Cake made with a strawberry and cream filling, is not only delicious but beautiful also! This unique dessert is not only visually stunni...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Strawberry Crumble –

This easy strawberry crumble is simple to put together and ready in under an hour! It’s the perfect summer dessert with syrupy strawberries and a bu...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Homemade Strawberry Cake – MySpecialFood...

Strawberry cake is a delicious dessert that is perfect anytime. This homemade cake is a classic dessert that everyone will love. Whether you are makin...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Nutella Hand Pies –

These Nutella Hand Pies are a versatile and delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time. Made with a simple buttery Italian homemade pie crust, th...   •   1 year ago
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