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Favicon Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce – MySpecialFo...

This Pumpkin pasta is the perfect welcome to Autumn. It is a delicious twist on traditional Italian cuisine that brings the rich, earthy notes of pump...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Banana Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake – MySpe...

Banana chocolate chip crumb cake is the perfect balance of sweet ripe bananas with the indulgence of rich chocolate chips! Topped with a buttery crumb...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Authentic Ricciarelli Recipe – MySpecial...

Perfectly crisp on the outside like meringue and soft and chewy on the inside like a macaron, these delicious authentic Ricciarelli cookies will trans...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Creamy Pancetta Broccoli Pasta – MySpeci...

This Creamy Pancetta Broccoli Pasta is the perfect any occasion pasta recipe. Made with Broccoli, Parmesan cheese and a creamy white sauce, it makes t...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Cacio e Pepe Recipe –

Perfectly cooked spaghetti is tossed together in a simple sauce full of lots of fresh black pepper and salty pecorino romano cheese to make this unbel...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Homemade Spice Cake –

Warm, comforting and flavorful homemade spice cake is the perfect dessert for autumn! This moist cake with the best tender crumb is full of fall spice...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Pistachio Tiramisu –

Delight your guests with the irresistible flavors and textures of this easy Pistachio Tiramisu. Featuring espresso-infused ladyfingers, a velvety pist...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Easy Stuffed Baked Halibut – MySpecialFo...

Baked Halibut, is a delicious stuffed fish recipe. Topped with seasoned breadcrumb stuffing. This is an easy recipe and a perfect any occasion dinner ...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Easy Cinnamon Raisin Bread – MySpecialFo...

This Easy Cinnamon Raisin Bread is a fast and simple breakfast bread or snack bread and not too sweet. Perfect for when you want Raisin Bread but no t...   •   8 months ago
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Favicon Traditional Tuscan Zuccotto Dessert – My...

Zuccotto is a traditional Tuscan dessert that originated in Florence and is shaped like a dome. The original name of this famous dessert was actually ...   •   9 months ago
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Favicon Creamy Lemon Mascarpone Dessert – MySpec...

This creamy lemon mascarpone dessert combines the creamy richness of mascarpone cheese with the zesty bright flavors of lemon! Made into a sweet velve...   •   9 months ago
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