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Favicon Authentic Tiramisu –

This Authentic Tiramisu is how the original Tiramisu was made. Made with eggs, mascarpone and no cream. This version is creamy and delicious. Even bet...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Easy Tiramisu –

This Easy Tiramisu Recipe is a classic Italian dessert I learned in Italy. Made with lady fingers, mascarpone and fresh cream, it is made in 15 minute...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Nutella Pinwheel Cookies – MySpecialFood...

These crunchy Nutella Pinwheel Cookies, start with a delicious buttery dough that is spread with lots of that amazing creamy hazelnut spread. Then rol...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Italian Chocolate Chip Cake – MySpecialF...

This Italian Chocolate Chip Cake is filled with mini chocolate chips, it makes the perfect breakfast cake or snack treat. The cake goes well with milk...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Dark Chocolate Granola Bars – MySpecialF...

These Granola Bars, are made with healthy ingredients including dark chocolate, oats and almonds. A delicious, good for you breakfast bar or snack. So...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Italian Baked Chiacchiere – MySpecialFoo...

Chiacchiere, Frappe or even Bugie however you call them, these Italian baked pastries are the perfect way to start off Carnivale! Dust with a little p...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Simple Homemade Pasta –

This Simple Homemade Pasta is made without eggs and only 3 ingredients. Perfect for adding to your favourite soup recipe or tossing with a homemade to...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Italian Sauteed Chicory Greens – MySpeci...

This traditional Italian recipe for Sauteed Chicory Greens, makes a simple quick and easy side dish. Cooked Greens sauteed in olive oil, garlic and a ...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Italian Fresh Cream Lemon Cake – MySpeci...

This Italian Lemon Cake, is made with fresh Cream and lemons. It makes a tasty breakfast or snack cake. Dress it up with some fresh fruit and whipped ...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Easy Skillet Chicken Cacciatore – MySpec...

This Easy Chicken Cacciatore made in a skillet on the stovetop is a fast and easy dinner recipe. A delicious and hearty chicken dish made with fresh i...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Homemade Angel Food Cake – MySpecialFood...

Homemade Angel Food Cake, a light delicious cake recipe. Amazing on its own or filled with some creamy whipped cream and fresh berries. The perfect de...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Brown Sugar Bundt Cake – MySpecialFood.c...

This Brown Sugar Bundt Cake is an easy cake recipe for any time of day. Serve it for brunch, as a snack cake, or for dessert – it’s soft, sweetene...   •   1 year ago
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Favicon Easy Baked Parmesan Potatoes – MySpecial...

These Parmesan Potatoes are a fast and delicious baked potato recipe. They make the perfect side dish to any meal or serve with your favorite dip and ...   •   1 year ago
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